Friday, May 1, 2009

Will Maine Be Next?

Earlier this week I blogged about the legislative committee that, after hearing from Maine residents, sent a strong endorsement of marriage equality to the state Senate.

Yesterday, the Senate took a major step in heeding the advice of the committee -and fair-minded Maine residents - and voted to back marriage equality!

The New York Times reports today that, "[The] Senate voted 21 to 14 for a bill that would allow gay couples to marry starting later this year" The Times added, "The measure appears to have even broader support in the House of Representatives, which will take it up on Tuesday."

With what was predicted to the biggest hurdle out of the way, the House - which is predicted to be more favorable to marriage equality - will take up the issue next week. Stay tuned to the PFLAG Blog for the latest updates on Maine's push for marriage equality.

Meanwhile, in other parts of New England, where so much has been happening lately, including the recent marriage victory in Vermont, The Times adds, "The New Hampshire legislature is likely to send a same-sex marriage bill to Gov. John Lynch in the coming weeks, though Mr. Lynch, a Democrat and an opponent, might veto it." There is also a bill in Rhode Island, though it may not be voted on this year.

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