Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jubilation Muted on California Marriage Equality Anniversary

Jonathan Abernethy-Deppe vividly remembers the bustling San Francisco city clerk's office and the happiness of fellow couples last year when California began granting same-sex marriage licenses.

But he and his now-husband, David, say their first anniversary won't be nearly as jubilant. Last month the state Supreme Court upheld a gay-marriage ban while allowing about 18,000 such marriages that occurred last year to stand...

This time last year, same-sex couples, along with their families and friends, were celebrating the right to marriage equality. Unfortunately, later last year Proposition 8 passed, which banned marriage equality. Earlier this spring, the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8.

On this memorable anniversary, the Associated Press reports of the mix of emotions felt by families effected by Prop 8:

"'Their presence in California serves to show that married gay couples don't cause any problems,' said Jennifer Pizer, director of the marriage project at Lambda Legal, which argued against Proposition 8 before the California Supreme Court."

"Equality California and California Faith for Equality planned to commemorate the anniversary of the first same-sex weddings Tuesday with gatherings in San Francisco and Los Angeles, followed by ones elsewhere in the state Wednesday."

"Louise Brooks, spokeswoman for California Faith for Equality, said organizers want to celebrate last year's milestone in gay rights while renewing calls to push for continued same-sex marriage rights."

"She said the events, designed to be more like vigils than parties, are 'a remembrance of what we once had but don't have anymore.'"

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