Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stay Tuned: Vote on Marriage Equality Today in New Hampshire

After a crushing defeat by two votes, supporters hope to succeed Wednesday when a second vote is taken on expanded religious protections needed to win the governor’s signature on a bill to allow [marriage equality].

The vote could be the last chance this year to make New Hampshire the sixth state to allow gays to marry...

Click here to read today's story in The Boston Herald about today's expected New Hampshire Senate vote on marriage equality.

Earlier this month, Gov. John Lynch threatened to veto the bills, but announced "he would sign the legislation if lawmakers passed expanded protections for churches, their employees and religious groups. Lynch’s language, modeled after Connecticut’s law, had to be put into a third bill because it was too late to amend the two bills that had passed. " Thus, a newer version is being voted on today that could make new Hampshire the next state to provide full marriage equality for its lesbian and gay couples.

Stay tuned for updates on the marriage equality vote today in New Hampshire!

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