Thursday, August 13, 2009

Focus on the Family's Budget Cut; Ex-Gay Conferences Out

Apparently, the economic downturn has affected Focus on the Family just like the rest of us. According to this article in The Advocate, Focus on the Family faced a $6 million budget shortfall this year and has cut it's ex-gay Love Won Out conferences.

Orlando-based group Exodus International -- known for its "reparative" therapies for gay Christians -- will now be taking the lead on Love Won Out, slated for November, as the ministries merge to boost their promotion of the "traditional" view of the American family.

Focus on the Family also announced a $28 million cut from last year's budget, to $138 million for 2009, and elimination of 18% of its workforce, or about 200 jobs.

Last week the American Psychological Association challenged the mission of both organizations, releasing a 100-plus-page report condemning "ex-gay" conversion therapies, stating there is insufficient scientific evidence that "reparative" and conversion therapies are effective -- and that their practice is potentially harmful.

While we are sad to hear that the Love Won Out conferences will continue, we can only hope that the budget shortfall will mean less money for Focus on the Family to fight marriage equality and similar ballot initiatives across the country.

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