Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A PFLAGer's Perspective on Being a Straight Ally

Everyone knows how important straight allies are to the LGBT community. And we all love and want to support our allies as much as possible. However, being a straight ally to LGBT people isn’t always easy. As PFLAG’s Straight for Equality program points out, allies have a lot of barriers to face and overcome on their ally journey.

But don’t just take my word for it. Peter Ji, president of PFLAG Chicago Metro and straight ally extraordinaire, has written several articles on the experience of being a straight ally to the LGBT community. In this article, he tells the story of his own ally journey, including how he came to be an ally and why he believes allies are so important to the LGBT community.

Says Ji, "My first lesson was examining my need to be 'credible.' Turns out, I wanted to be 'credible' because I was afraid others might ridicule me. For example, I was afraid that others would question my motives. Why would I speak for LGBT persons if I were not gay? What investment could I possibly have in the LGBT community? I then realized that this was my first experience of what it is like to live in fear for proclaiming who you really are."

To download and read the entire article as a PDF, click here.

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-Julie Handy