Monday, August 10, 2009

Protestors Attacked in Tel Aviv

Last week we blogged about the deadly shooting at the GLBT youth center in Tel Aviv, Israel. According to this Advocate article residents of an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem attacked a group of young people who visited the area on Thursday to hang posters condemning the deadly shooting.

The youth and an Army Radio reporter went to the Mea She’arim area to raise awareness about the shooting at a gay youth center that killed a counselor and a young woman and injured at least 10 on Saturday. Members of the ultra-Orthodox haredim chased the protesters down alleyways, prompted by the feeling that the youths were blaming them for the shootings, but the young people managed to escape.

In the days since the shooting, many have cited strong religious bias against LGBT people, and appealed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to mitigate the influence of conservative religious opinions in government.

Israeli government officials have confirmed that the shooting is being investigated as a hate crime, among other possible motives.

A vigil was scheduled for Saturday night to mark one week since the shooting, considered the worst attack ever against Israeli’s LGBT community. President Shimon Peres was expected to attend.

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