Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Governor of ME to Help Fundraise for Marriage Equality

In today's Morning Sentinel (Portland, ME) comes the story that Maine Governor John Baldacci will be the featured guest at a fundraiser today to raise money for marriage equality.

Baldacci signed the marriage bill into law less than one hour after it was presented to him in May.

The marriage equality bill is now the target of a fierce campaign that seeks to have voters overturn the legislation. For more information on No on One, the group that is working to protect marriage equality and is working in opposition to the Stand for Marriage Maine group, click here.

Baldacci's spokesman, David Farmer, said Monday that the governor supported the legislation, signed it, and wants to be involved with the campaign to preserve it. "He thinks that, ultimately, this comes down to people being treated fairly."

Other lawmakers who are supportive of the bill and are rumored to be attending include Sen. Dennis Damon (D-Trenton). Sen. Philip Bartlett (D-Gorham), and Rep. Linda Sanborn (D-Gorham) have been helping to work the phones in support of the bill.

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