Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Memphis Billboards Celebrate National Coming Out Day

In honor of National Coming Out Day on October 11, the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center (MGLCC) has put up a series of five billboards around the Memphis metro area to increase the visibility of the Memphis GLBT community and promote the stories of its members.

MGLCC has identified five specific functions that the billboards will serve:
-to let Memphis know that the MGLCC exists
-to show the greater Memphis community that GLBT people are an integral part of the local network of schools, businesses, churches, and families
-to encourage other GLBT people to come out whenever possible
-to show that it's not a shameful thing to be honest about who you are

According to its press release, "We encourage people to take control over their own lives and their own stories. Each of us is best able to speak our own truth. Being fearful has robbed us of that power to control what is ours. We will stand together without fear or shame and say 'I am gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender.' It is our right to be honest and open."

For more information on the MGLCC, click here.

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