Thursday, November 19, 2009

The True Story Behind the Fight for Marriage Equality in DC

Earlier today the Center for American Progress held a conference call on religion and the fight for marriage equality in Washington, DC.

One of the speakers on the call was Rev. Dennis Wiley, the pastor at Covenant Baptist Church, an open and affirming, predominately African-American church in the District's poorest ward.

You can listen to his entire speech by clicking here.

In part, Rev. Wiley refuted the notion that being gay in the District is a white, upper class issue. He says, "The black church and the black community…have been characterized by some as being united in opposition against same-sex marriage, and this could not be further from the truth. Black people are not monolithic, we are diverse just like all other human beings.”

“Same-sex marriage is not a white issue—from experience, it is also a black issue. Countless same-sex couples have expressed a deep appreciation in our church, and even those outside of our church have expressed this same appreciation of our policy of acceptance. Some have even testified, those who have become a member of our fellowship, that our inclusive ministry has literally saved their lives due to the emotional and traumatic experiences they have encountered elsewhere, where they have been rejected.”

You can view the entire transcript of today's call by clicking here.

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