Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Akron City Council Votes for Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Today's guest post comes to us from David Horowitz, Vice-President of PFLAG National's Board of Directors and member of the Akron, OH chapter.

"I just returned from the Akron, Ohio City Council meeting where we were joined by six members of PFLAG Akron. The City Council voted 11-2 to put into place an anti-discrimination ordinance the includes sexual orientation and gender identity. The only negative was the exemption for religious institutions and exempting groups that contract with the city to provide workers for youth under the age of 18. Those groups must adhere to the provisions of sexual orientation but not gender identity. While that was upsetting, it is a very narrow sub-group and simply means that gender identity would not be included in their contracts. We were not overjoyed, but it was going to be the case and all we could do is sit and witness. We got most of what we felt important, and for that I am grateful to a vast majority of council and the tremendous support of our mayor. Mayor Plusquellic spoke eloquently for the ordinance and against the amendments and credits PFLAG for his understanding, beginning in 1991. All in all, it was a good night."

-David Horowitz

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