Friday, December 4, 2009

PFLAG Joins with LGBT Organizations to Demand Congressional Action on ENDA Now!

PFLAG has been actively involved in the effort to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) for many years – in fact, entirely too many years. It is inexcusable that our LGBT families and loved ones must continue to endure a legal system in which they can be fired in 29 states for being gay or lesbian, and in 38 for being transgender or expressing their gender identity differently.

It has been our hope that given the current structure of Congress, ENDA would move forward and reach the point of a vote. However, it appears that Congress does not plan any movement on this critical bill, in spite of promises to support LGBT equality.

Today, PFLAG signed on to support a statement by leaders of many LGBT organizations demanding that Congress see equality in the U.S. as a priority issue and pass ENDA now.

You can read the statement (below) and click through to access the full list of organizations who are included on this statement.

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Demand equality from your elected leaders today.


In light of continuing delays in the House of Representatives, we must state clearly and unequivocally: Passing basic job protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people must happen now. At a time when our government is deeply focused on the critical issue of employment, it is inexcusable to delay action on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Each and every job lost to prejudice based on sexual orientation and gender identity needlessly compounds the unemployment challenges facing our nation. We call on Congress for the immediate passage of ENDA.

For decades now, we have called upon Congress to pass legislation to address the basic right of LGBT people to work free from discrimination at our jobs, and now Congress tells us we must wait another year. In 29 states, it remains legal to fire people based on sexual orientation and in 38 states, discrimination based on gender identity remains legal. In failing to take swift action to pass ENDA, our government allows unfettered bigotry to go unchecked, leading to the loss of jobs, fear in the workplace, economic instability, and personal hardship, while allowing employers to lose competent experienced workers. ENDA is urgently needed by our communities.

The majority of Americans consistently state their support for employment protections and voters have affirmed similar state and local measures. There is absolutely no reason for Congress to continue to delay this non-controversial bill or drop LGBT issues to the bottom of their agenda. We will not be denied basic rights any longer. Nothing is more important than protecting peoples’ jobs so ENDA must pass now. Further delays are absolutely unacceptable.

Click here to see the statement with all signatures.

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