Monday, February 8, 2010

New Costa Rican President Opposes Same-Sex Marriage

The Advocate is reporting that Laura Chinchilla, elected the first woman president of Costa Rica on Sunday, opposes same-sex marriage and abortion rights.

Chinchilla won the election in a landslide after promising to focus on free market policies in Central America’s most stable nation, according to the Associated Press. A member of the ruling National Liberation Party, she is a protégé of the current president, Oscar Arias, a Nobel Prize laureate.

“Chinchilla, the mother of a teenage son, is a social conservative who opposes abortion and gay marriage,” reports the AP. “She appealed both to Costa Ricans seeking a fresh face and those reluctant to risk the unknown.”

The historic election of Chinchilla follows Nicaragua, Panama, Chile, and Argentina, the other Latin American countries that have elected a woman as president.

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downshiFFt said...

As a Costa Rican, living in S.F... I can say I am happy to have a woman president. However I am DEEPLY SAD, that she is anti gay.


Jorge Vieto Jr.