Wednesday, March 17, 2010

International Outlook: LGBT People Around the World

With all the recent developments in LGBT issues, many have been wrapped up in American politics these days. But we must remember that there have also been many recent developments on LGBT issues in other countries as well.

This article in Foreign Policy describes the situations in four different countries where LGBT rights have come to the foreground:

• Uganda is currently considering the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which would punish gay people with life imprisonment or even death.

• In Malawi, it is currently illegal to be gay. Recently, several citizens have come out publicly in the country, shocking their fellow citizens and causing some run-ins with the local law.

• In Pakistan, hijras (transgender women) recently won the right to be officially registered as Pakistani citizens. Additionally, Pakistan is recommending that a third gender option be added to official forms, allowing hijras to be open and honest about themselves in official documents.

• Turkey, while widely regarded as a country more tolerant of LGBT people than others in the area, is experiencing some friction between those who are in favor of accepting LGBT people and those who are not.

Read more about the LGBT issues in these countries here.

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