Thursday, March 11, 2010

Washington State Passes Inclusive Anti-Bullying Law

The Washington state Senate passed an enumerated anti-bullying law last week. The House had already passed the law, and now Governor Christine Gregoire has pledged to sign the bill into law as soon as it gets on her desk. According to The Advocate: “The law will require, among other things, each school district to create a structure to manage harassment and bullying complaints, and to publish online its policies and procedures for dealing with complaints.”

As wonderful as this news is, it gets even better. The Senate passed the bill 48-0, while the House had passed the bill 97-0. Clearly, Washington state lawmakers understand the importance of safe schools for all students.

PFLAG is, of course, a great supporter of safe schools initiatives. Check out PFLAG’s safe schools program here.

Read the full article on The Advocate online here.

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Michelle said...

Julie, this is great news not just in how it will act to reduce homophobic bullying in schools but also in how it's proved the commitment of the Senate and House to protecting the rights of minorities.