Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lingle Vetoes Civil Unions Bill in Hawaii

Honolulu Civil Beat

From Politico and The Advocate

Governor Linda Lingle (R-HI) vetoed a bill that would have allowed civil unions in the state on Tuesday. The bill was passed by the state legislature in April of this year. Lingle stated that she believes such changes should be left up to voters and that, "Although the legislature passed bills they believe are important, I have the final responsibility to ensure that any new law is constitutional, fiscally responsible and in the best interest of the state.”

If Lingle had signed the bill Hawaii would've become the 6th state to allow gay and lesbian couples the same rights as married couples. In the early 1990's Hawaii made history when the Hawaii Supreme court found that the statute limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples was unconstitutional. The decision was later overturned by voters in 1998 with Amendment 2 which allows the legislature to prevent same-sex marriage.

The PFLAG National Office would like to thank all of the PFLAG chapters and grass roots groups that worked tirelessly in an attempt to ensure equality for all people in Hawaii. More than 7,500 letters, postcards, and signatures were delivered to the governor's office in recent months. We would also like to thank the national organizations such as HRC and Lambda Legal that had a strong presence in the state in recent months and for their continued presence in any legal battles that may develop.

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Little Rainbow Comics said...

Disappointing to say the least...the struggle continues but we will have equality someday! Thank you to all our Hawaiian supporters!