Thursday, August 12, 2010

Check out PFLAG’s new Degrassi Tie-In Resources!

Last night, we were excited to tune in to watch the newest storyline on Degrassi which features Adam, a trans teen and the challenges that he faces. The episode featured a great portrayal of how many of these very real challenges play out – from finding allies in both friends and his brother, to the harassment he endures when he’s outed by another student, to his mother’s difficulty with achieving full acceptance.

The producers of the show worked with GLAAD to ensure that the portrayal of this student was accurate, and they worked with PFLAG to create a PSA that aired after the episode encouraging viewers who think that they may be trans or who just want to learn more about trans issues to visit PFLAG at

If you check out the PFLAG homepage, we’ve got a feature about the show up right now. Or, just start by going to to directly access the resources we collected for this show and to watch the PSA. These resources are all tied to PFLAG’s Transgender Network – or TNET – which you can directly access by visiting

Adam’s story continues on Degrassi this evening, airing on Teen Nick at 9:00 pm (EST) / 6:00 pm (PST). Clips from last night’s episode are available at the Degrassi website, and full episodes are available for download on iTunes. (The series name is “My Body is a Cage”).

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