Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Costa Rica Takes Gay Rights Stand

From The Advocate:

The top court in Costa Rica on Tuesday ruled against a proposed referendum that would have asked voters to decide if the country should recognize same-sex civil unions, the Associated Press reports.

In a 5-2 vote, the constitutional court said that a referendum planned for December would put a minority group—gay people—at a disadvantage. It also ruled that civil unions are a legislative issue, not an electoral one.

Civil unions are not currently recognized in Costa Rica, but the gay rights group The Diversity Movement has submitted a bill to the Legislative Assembly that proposes the recognition.

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Karla Carrillo said...

In my country, Costa Rica we have a problem of ignorance, homophobia and discrimination, which begins in the Legislature, where for president of the Human Rights Commission have a Pastor (priest) who does not recognize this minority or women or to persons of other non-Christian religions. So I ask the Ticos who are outside of our country, and help us to manifest their support to remove this person from office.
The campaign carries the slogan "I'm Tico and Justo Orozco does not represent me"
We appreciate the support we receive from our brothers abroad.
En mi país, Costa Rica tenemos un problema de ignorancia, homofobia y discriminación, que inicia en la Asamblea Legislativa, donde por presidente de la Comisión de Derechos Humanos tenemos a un Pastor (sacerdote) que no reconoce a esta minoría, ni a las mujeres, ni a personas de otras religiones no cristianas. Así que pidó a los ticos que se encuentren fuera de nuestro país, se manifiesten y nos ayuden con su apoyo para remover a esta persona de su cargo.
Esta campaña lleva el lema de "Soy tico y Justo Orozco no me representa"
Agradecemos el apoyo que recibamos de nuestros hermanos en el extranjero.