Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The PFLAG DVR Alert: Don’t Miss Degrassi Tonight!

For literally millions of viewers around the world – and especially in the U.S. and Canada – the Degrassi TV series is a staple of teen television fare. The long-standing Teen Nick franchise is now in its 10th season and taking on a new nightly novella format to allow more storylines to be incorporated into the ongoing drama about teens and the challenges they face.

This season, Degrassi made headlines as it introduced Adam, the first transgender teen character to appear as a series regular on a scripted TV show.

In the series, Adam and his older brother Drew are new students at Degrassi Community School. Adam is enrolling at the high school as a boy with the support of his family and the school administrators.

As an organization with a long-term commitment to support for our trans family and friends, PFLAG is thrilled about this powerful storyline and the potential that it holds for reaching countless people who need to see this kind of representation.

We’re also especially excited for this evening’s episode. Since we’re not just committed to trans inclusion, but also not divulging any plotline spoilers (or the connections that the show may hold), we won’t say anything beyond this: tune into Degrassi tonight. You won’t be disappointed. Check it out on Teen Nick at 9:00 pm (EST)/6:00 pm (PST) and be sure to check the PFLAG website, too.

Learn more by visiting the Degrassi website now. And you might want to set your DVR, too.

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Anonymous said...

I am a parent of a 17-yr-old son who recently came out. I LOVE the new Degrassi plotlines. I watch the show with my son regularly. Degrassi keeps us talking about issues that many parents would feel uncomfortable discussing. In fact, my son 'came out' right after we watched the recent episodes about the gay football players. Maybe he felt my positive reaction to the situation was an indicator that I would be ok with his sexual orientation?