Monday, August 9, 2010

Update: Indiana Hospital Responds to Trans Discrimination

Last week we told you about Erin Vaught, a transgender woman who went to an Indiana hospital and was denied treatment because of her transgender status.

Now, Mike Haley, the president and CEO of Ball Memorial Hospital addressed the reports Wednesday, and said the hospital is working with Indiana Equality and the Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance to review its policies, employee benefits, and diversity training. Ball Memorial will also implement a Diversity Council to engage local community members on better serving their needs, according to the statement.

Erin Vaught went to the hospital on July 18, but when she tried to submit her information for hospital records, two workers entered her gender as male, despite her identification saying she is female. Vaught said she pointed out that her ID card identifies her as female, to which one worker snickered and the other made an annoyed face. When she was taken to the examination room, hospital staff referred to her as "he-she," "it," and a "transvestite." Two hours passed before she saw a doctor, who then said he couldn't treat her because she is transgender.

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