Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Action Alert - Talk About ENDA

With the mid-term elections rapidly approaching, campaigns – and candidate promises – are in overdrive. We need to take advantage of the visibility of Congressional candidates by asking tough questions about legislation like ENDA that will reveal their level of commitment to equality for all.

The passage of ENDA will benefit LGBT Americans by providing long-overdue workplace protections for LGBT employees. Shockingly, it is still legal to fire someone on the basis of their sexual orientation in 29 states and it is legal to fire someone on the basis of their gender identity in 38 states.

Passage of ENDA will deliver a federal remedy to outlaw these forms of discrimination and provide the long-overdue job security that so many LGBT individuals desperately need – today more than ever. It is finally time that people are judged on the merit of their work and accomplishments – not what people think about who they are.

The candidates’ answers – and, more importantly, their actions that follow their words – could provide meaningful solutions for millions of LGBT individuals and their families struggling to make ends meet in these tough economic times.

Candidates are looking for our support, but we need to know that they’ll work for equality for our families if they’re elected. So we need you to take action today!

Top Five Ways to Talk about ENDA this Fall

1. Schedule an in-district lobby meeting. It’s important to talk with your Members of Congress about the importance of ENDA and why it should be a priority for them to address this remedy to discrimination on the campaign trail.
2. Attend a Candidate Forum. Be sure to attend a candidate forum and ask participants a question related to ENDA. Something as simple as, “Do you support equal opportunity for all people in the workplace – and do you support the passage of ENDA to ensure that this is the case for all Americans?,” will help you get a better sense as to where the candidates stand on issues most important to you.
3. Host a Candidate Forum. If your chapter plans to host a candidate forum, be sure to include ENDA on the agenda. Ask each candidate about the legislation, their positions, and their thoughts on how they would help advance this legislation should they be elected in November.
4. Tell 3 People About ENDA. In the days leading up to the election, be sure to tell 3 people about the importance of ENDA, why the bill must remain trans-inclusive, and why it’s critical in these tough economic times. To learn more about ENDA, please click here.
5. Share this Alert with Your Friends and Family. While you talk with those most important to you about ENDA, be sure to share this action alert with them and encourage them to pass it along to people they care about to help spread the word today!

If you have additional questions, please be sure to contact Rhodes Perry, Associate Director of Policy and Programs at or (202) 467-8180.

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