Monday, November 22, 2010

PFLAG Featured in 'Ladies Home Journal'

PFLAG is featured in the newest edition of Ladies Home Journal, which has an audience of 4.1 million. The article focuses on LGBT bullying and the importance of family acceptance and parent advocacy. In light of the recent LGBT youth that we've lost to suicide, we are thrilled to be getting this message out to such a large number of people.

The tagline to the article really says it all: It's (LGBT suicide) a shocking trend. Isn't it time for all of us to encourage compassion and respect, no matter how we feel about homosexuality?

We hope that this article will bring the issue of bullying to a new audience and will help facilitate conversations between parents and kids about the importance of treating others with respect. Once you have a chance to read the article, leave a comment below - we'd love to know what you think of it.

You can access the article by clicking here.


Home of Bob and Laurie Carter said...

This is an amazing article. It seems to say all the right things. Let's hope all 4.1 million readers read the whole thing - and then share it with someone.

Anonymous said...

That does seem like a new audience to be hearing about PFLAG, great news!

Linda said...

I am thrilled about this great article !! The more exposure we get the more we can help people !! I am the president of a small Chapter of PFLAG in Eureka- Arcata. We have an average attendance of about 17 and would love to increase that . In Oct. we held a rally at the courthouse re: Stand Up to Suicide and Bullying and 150 attended. So glad the our PFLAG is branching out into LHJ !!

Mrs. Curran said...

What a wonderful article - I'll be putting it on my facebook page, my GSA blog and sharing it with friends, families and students. As a school counselor, I cannot thank PFLAG enough for all they are doing to support students. Thank you for impressing upon parents and families just how much influence they can have, in either direction, on their child's development and love of life. THANK YOU! And thank you to 'Ladies Home Journal' for publishing such a great message.

Louise said...

Wow - What a wonderful article. Thanks PFLAG and Ladies Home Journal!

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