Thursday, December 16, 2010

FRC: Fighting Logic, Reason, and Sanity Since 1983!

We’ve got to hand it to the Family Research Council. Every single time we thing that they’ve finally hit the point of no return on sanity, they take it a step further.

While we generally use mom’s old approach of “Take it from whence it comes…” when we think about our buddies on G Street, today it just isn’t working.

Why, you ask?

Check out today’s missive from the organization who recently garnered the title of Hate Group from the Southern Poverty Law Center. If it doesn’t make you pick up your phone and call your Senator about the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, we don’t know what will.

According to the equality-adverse organization, the Senate must fight the repeal because…wait for it…wait for it…gay soldiers are a distraction because they’re determined to flaunt their sexual orientation instead of do the job at hand.

Their proof? The testimony of one person who cites a case from Vietnam, which takes the Vatican strategy of conflating being gay with criminal activity. How very retro of them. (Tragically, retro is out this year.)

Again, they manage to ignore the ever-mounting evidence from current research, the troops themselves, and the experiences of dozens of other countries who allow openly gay troops to serve and have not spiraled into military Armageddon.

Bottom line: If you’ve had enough of having your loved ones portrayed as threats to national security, if you’re tired of seeing patriotic troops denied the right to serve their country, and if you’re just feeling like today might be a great day to really make the FRC itch, get to a phone now and call your Senator. Tell them that enough is enough – repeal DADT now.

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