Friday, December 10, 2010

PFLAG Mourns the Death of Adele Starr

The PFLAG family received bad news today. Adele Starr, PFLAG National's first-ever national president, passed away today.

Adele stands as an important figure in PFLAG's history. After meeting Jeanne Manford, the mom who started it all in New York, Adele and her husband, Larry, got to work on organizing parents who were ready to come out in support of their LGBT kids -- and get other people to do the same.

PFLAG's first national office was actually housed in Adele's den in Los Angeles for several years, and even after the office "officially" moved to Washington, D.C., she continued to work for equality for all.

You can learn more about her contributions to our organization on the PFLAG website now. There is also a growing tribute from other past PFLAG National presidents available, too.

Image above: One of PFLAG's earliest logos. Adele Starr was part of the group that established PFLAG's first-ever national logo and name.


John R. Cepek said...

Nearly forty years ago a Methodist minister talked about how one of his teachers said we all have to identify our saints if we want to live fully realized, fully conscious lives. Sometimes, the teacher said, we have to dig deep to find our saints, difficult work indeed.

Adele Starr's death made me do a little digging, and, of course, I wasn't surprised to find her in my heart and mind, as alive as ever.

Adele Starr lives!

She lives in our minds, hearts, and work. Big-hearted and hard-headed, our George Washington realized her son wouldn’t achieve full equality if other LGBT sons and daughters were denied their rights. She didn’t settle for a private accommodation or personal comfort. She organized us—parents, family members, and all other straight allies—taught us, and led us. And she’ll continue to lead us as we move equality forward.

Indeed, Adele lives!

Andi said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to Adele's family. May her good soul rest in peace. I thought I'd also share to his family as it might help to know there are people who are going through the same thing.

Kittredge Cherry said...

I wrote about Adele Starr as a “patron saint for straight allies of LGBT people” today on the Jesus in Love Blog. She died two years ago today, and I honor her for her courage and dedication in speaking up for her gay son and for all LGBT people.

You can see my tribute to her here:

Thank you, Adele! Thank you, PFLAG!

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