Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Mother's Compassion = Breaking The Eighth Commandment...Really?

For those not familiar with the blog Nerdy Apple Bottom, it is a highly recommended read.

Back in November 2010, this cop’s wife sparked a national conversation on LGBT bullying when her five year old son, a major Scooby Doo enthusiast, decided he wanted to dress as that show’s Daphne for Halloween.

Craziness ensued – read the original blog post that spurred the outpouring of (mostly) support here.

Well now the church elders and pastor have entered the fray. They have determined that, in blogging about the responses she received from the mothers at her church pre-school, Nerdy Apple has broken the Eighth Commandment, by bearing false witness against those who spoke about her son.

Read the latest update on Nerdy’s blog here.

In blogging about the latest turn of events, Nerdy remains respectful, and yet still manages to convey her frustration with her church, especially as they call her out for her actions with no apparent interest in her son’s well being through all of this.

Nerdy writes:

“I cannot tell you the betrayal I feel. The church, or at the very least Pastor is trying to bully me into shutting up, and I find that so disheartening. I am floored by the fact that they’ve gone to so much trouble regarding a post that discusses love and tolerance that was posted 3 months ago. I am shocked that they do not see the hypocrisy of what they are saying to me. I am in complete disbelief that this has been handled in the way it has. I have never felt less welcome in a church.

This is not the church that I grew up in. This is not the God that I know.

And again I say to you that bullying is not okay, even if you wrap it in a bow and call it ‘spiritual care.’ “

Well spoken, Nerdy Apple. Well spoken.


JTodd said...

Agreed, well said.
I applaud this mother!!
I think most Christians must try and remember that their caring can come across as insult to some, no matter how well intended. I've been through this recently. I respect everyone's beliefs, but not every Christian friend I have understands that my life is not open for them to rate under the guise of concern for my soul. My concerned friend also assumed that since I am gay that I was also an Atheist. Just because I don't believe in the biblical God, doesn't mean I don't believe in God. In his eyes, either way, I'm doomed. Oh well. Sometimes you just have to be the bigger person, smile and say thanks for the unsolicited advice.

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