Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Documentary Addresses Parent's Response to Their Child Coming Out

Check out this article from the USA Today Parenting blog featuring quotes from PFLAG National ED Jody Huckaby. The article talks about a new documentary called Lead with Love which, in the PFLAG tradition, models how to respond when your child comes out as LGBT. Lead with Love suggests four specific ways to support your LGBT child using the acronym LEAD:

  • Let your affection show.
  • Express your pain away from your child.
  • Avoid rejecting behaviors.
  • Do good before you feel good.

Let us know what you think about this approach in the comments section. Would these suggestions have helped you when your child came out as LGBT? Come on PFLAGers – you are the real-world experts!


Anonymous said...

I loved the movie! These steps are basically what the peer support at a PFLAG meeting taught me 15 years ago. The parents at that meeting made me feel like the world was not coming to an end and helped me move forward. My relationship with my daughter is truly better because of PFLAG.

Anonymous said...

I especially liked the part that addresses the subtle rejection lingo.
It hit home as I have made similar mistakes in the past.

I hope that we can put the film on our PFLAG chapter website.

Thanks for the hard work.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! This is beautifully put together,
How wonderful to have this excellent new up-to-date, helpful, up-beat resource to freely share with parents, family members, religious and educational institutions.

I'm particularly happy to see that it will be available for free viewing on the internet.

June said...

WOW! This is just the resource we PFLAGers have been needing ! An up-to-date film packed with good helpful information and engaging interviews with a wide variety of parents, children and helping professionals ! I am particularly happy to see that it is being made available to freely share on the internet. Thanks so much for making us aware of this. I couldn't be happier.