Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update on Proposition 8

California’s Supreme Court will answer the question on whether supporters of Proposition 8 have standing in Perry v. Schwarzenegger. Standing is the right for individuals to sue, or to be legally involved in the case. Proposition 8 supporters are trying to defend the constitutionality of the initiative, when many public officials like the Governor have refused to do so.

The California Supreme Court plans to answer this question in April, and aims to hold oral arguments on the issue as early as September, 2011. If the high court rules that initiative proponents do indeed lack standing, it is our hope that the ruling will promptly lift the barrier to marriage. This action would grant the full rights and responsibilities to same-sex couples living in California.

Steve Krantz, PFLAG National’s Southern Pacific Regional Director said, “it's a delay of months and we must be patient. I continue to hope that California's Supreme Court will rule that our opponents have no standing - that the Judge Walker's wise ruling declaring Proposition 8 unconstitutional will stand.”

As many Californians continue to wait, we encourage you to take action and educate your communities about marriage equality:

  • Share your stories. It’s critical that you continue sharing your family stories to help win hearts and minds. Consider engaging with friends, family members and community organizations to help bring new supporters to fight for LGBT equality.
  • Plan a PFLAG meeting. Organize a PFLAG meeting to educate and discuss what your members can do to support marriage equality. If you need some ideas on what to include in your program, please contact our Field and Policy staff for ideas.
  • Write an Op-Ed. Consider writing an Op-Ed to your local newspaper to educate your community about the challenges that Proposition 8 presents for same-sex couples, and the remedies to help build support for all families. For ideas on what to include in your op-ed, please contact your Field and Policy Manager.

Please be sure to share with us your op-eds along with your pictures and videos, so that we can feature them on our National Blog.

Thank you for your commitment to help us move equality forward!

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