Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Arkansas House Passes Anti-Bullying Bill

Major kudos to the state of Arkansas!

The Arkansas House has given final passage to a bill that would require school districts to enact anti-bullying policies. The bill includes all forms of cyber-bullying through social media and, most important to PFLAGers, includes gender identity and sexual orientation in its list of attributes. The full list reads:

" actual or perceived personal characteristic including without limitation race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, socioeconomic status, academic status, disability, gender, gender identity, physical appearance, health condition, or sexual orientation."

The bill passed the Senate 34-0 and it cleared the House Monday on a 68-18 vote.

Read the full content of the bill here.

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John Byrnes said...

It’s not Bullying, it is Aggression!

As long as we address these issues as “bullying,” “conflict resolution,” etc. we will continue to be befuddled by reacting to them and their potential of violence. “Conflict resolution” presupposed conflict! You are reacting to conflict, not preventing it! “Bullying” presupposes someone exhibiting bullying behavior. You are reacting to bullying behavior, not preventing it. Only when we understand that “conflict,” “bullying” and any predatory behaviors are simply elements of an Aggression Continuum and that through this Continuum we can foresee conflict, bullying and any predatory behavior prior to an aggressor actually exhibiting these behaviors, can we actually prevent conflict, bullying and predatory behaviors. To learn more visit