Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Colorado Civil Unions Bill - Possible Passage Coming Soon!

From PFLAGer Kay Heggestad comes the following report:

I just heard the great news that a Civil Unions bill may be passed in the Colorado Senate soon. My son and his partner of over seven years live in Denver. They had a commitment ceremony in 2006 and are indeed married in every sense of the word except for the legal and state/federal benefits parts. They have accepted all of the responsibilities of marriage (including taking the preliminary steps to become parents) so they should get the benefits as well. I hope that the Colorado House will give this bill a fair hearing when it is time for them to vote on it as well.

I only wish my own home state of Wisconsin would move similarly. Here, congress has taken the opposite position in the form of an odious anti-marriage equality amendment. It was passed five years ago and shows no signs of reversing such antiquated thinking.

I want better for my kids...Thank you Colorado, you're on the right path here!

Kay's son, Greg Wertsch, sent us the following:

My partner and I have been together for over 10 years and we do not have the same protections that are afforded to other married couples such as shared health insurance, hospital visitation, and other critical details that married couples take for granted. We have grown accustomed to being second class citizens in our society and have grown to accept the fact that two drunk straight people - who marry each other in Vegas on a whim - are given 1,000s more rights and protections than Mark and I will ever have.

What I can not grow accustomed to is the fact that should Mark and I choose to adopt a child, our child will not be afforded the same protections as children in married households. We are seriously considering fostering to adopt a child here in Colorado - and I find it wrong and morally corrupt that our potential child could be also be treated as a second class citizen in our society. Something has to change - if not for us, at least for the children who have two moms or two dads. Like it or not, thousands and thousands of gay and lesbian couples are raising children and - because of our laws - these children are put at more risk than. If our politicians care about family, they should protect them.


The senate may have a fight on its hands, as reporter here.

Here's hoping Colorado's congress passes this important piece of legislation!

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