Monday, April 4, 2011

PFLAG Lubbock Receives $1,400 from Texas Tech Drag Show

On Thursday night the Texas Tech University Residence Halls Association and the Texas Tech Gay-Straight Alliance hosted the Texas Tech 2nd Annual Drag Show, with all proceeds going to PFLAG Lubbock. The event was such a success that the chapter ended up with $1,400 in scholarship money for their Lubbock Lola Marie Drew Scholarship Fund!

At last year's event an ally named "Lady Espoir" performed. Here's what he had to say about his experience: "It was a lot of fun! I had never dressed in drag before and certainly never performed in drag. I was so incredibly nervous up until the very moment I went out on stage. This sense of “there’s nothing I can I do to get out of this now so I might as well give the best damn performance I can” took over me. Preparing for the show was a very unique experience! My friend, Jana, had a GRAND time helping me pick out shoes, a dress, a wig, breasts, make up….for three weeks last year I was the gay friend she’s always wanted. It was a learning experience as well. I had always thought I was comfortable with my masculinity. I’m a huge supporter of Transgender equality. However, I was so nervous about shopping for a dress. I constantly thought about what people might think if they saw me shopping for a dress and women’s shoes. I was so mad at myself for feeling that way. It went against everything I believe in (equality, Transgendered rights, tearing down gender roles). I made it to the night of the performance though. In my black high heels and little red dress; performing to “Let’s Talk About Sex” I strutted my stuff up and down that stage collecting donations for people affected by HIV/AIDS in our community. I’m so happy I had this experience. I encourage everyone to go see this performance and help raise money for this amazing cause. If you ever have a chance to go outside of your comfort zone, I hope you take it…it will change you forever."

To see photos from Thursday's event, click here.


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