Monday, May 30, 2011

Eastern PA PFLAG Needs YOUR Help Today!

Today we hear from Eastern PA PFLAG President Don Kohn - our friends in Bethlehem, PA need our help!

Bethlehem, PA sits in the middle of Lehigh Valley.  Easton to the east and Allentown to the west already have anti-discrimination laws in effect that cover sexual orientation and gender identity.  Bethlehem is the last major city in PA without any anti-discrimination ordinance.  The proposed ordinance has been through committee and one session of city counsel.  They are going to vote on the ordinance on June 7, 2011.

Here is the major problem.  Amendments have been introduced that weaken the ordinance.  The major offending amendment is one that would allow any member of a religious organization to be exempt from the ordinance if it conflicted with their religious believes.  This is different from the usual religious feature that exempts only the religious organization in that it extends to all members of that faith.  The argument on the one side is that 50% of the town is Catholic.  This would allow 50% of the town to discriminate against LGBT people.

Help us. 

Please make your voice heard by clicking here and signing our petition!

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