Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Youth Who Inspire Change

The New York Times has introduced Coming Out , a week-long series of conversations with teens from across the United States sharing their personal struggles and triumphs about being LGBTQ in today’s society. These powerful stories of courage, strength and commitment feature the authentic voices, photos and personal narratives of a diverse array of teens.

Featured prominently in the piece is Thomas Miller, a member of PFLAG New Orleans and a PFLAG New Orleans scholarship winner. Congratulations on your achievements, Thomas. We are so proud of you!

Woven throughout the narrative of this series is a strong reminder of all of the work we have to do on behalf of the young people across our country: we have to let our LGBT kids know that they are loved and supported, and teach our straight youth how to be allies and advocates for change.

PFLAG National offers an array of publications designed to help parents, teens and allies support their community; please click here to download them today. PFLAG National also offers its free Safe School trainings for our chapters designed to help facilitate positive conversations with school administrators around anti-bullying best practices and resources. For more information, please contact Mekina Morgan at mailto:mmmorgan@pflag.org.

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