Friday, June 3, 2011

President Obama Declares June as National LGBT Pride Month

On May 31st, President Obama released a proclamation declaring June 2011 as National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month. This was the President’s third LGBT pride proclamation since he has been in office. According to the President, the month of June serves to recognize the importance of LGBT Americans and their contributions to society. In addition to this proclamation, President Obama has created the White House’s first ever LGBT specific constituency webpage, designed to keep people updated on how the President and the Administration are “Winning the Future for LGBT Americans.” The President noted that LGBT people have fought hard for equal recognition and rights, and hopes to aid in this continuing fight.

In his proclamation, Obama notes the steps he has made toward LGBT equality:

The President’s proclamation seems to go along with a national trend. The National Opinion Research Center (NORC) recently found that the United States is becoming more accepting of LGBT individuals and families, along with the majority of countries surveyed. The NORC survey showed that Americans have very strong opinions about LGBT people. The overall trend shows that acceptance of LGBT individuals and families is increasing in the United States, and this is especially true among young adults, less religious individuals, people living in large urban areas, and those with more education.

Overall, Obama’s proclamation illustrates a growing acceptance of LGBT people and a greater recognition of including issues important to LGBT people in national policy. We applaud the President for his accomplishments over the past year and thank him for taking this very important and symbolic action. Over the next year, we encourage him to take an even greater role in moving equality forward by addressing unchecked LGBT bullying and harassment in schools, eliminating discriminatory barriers preventing foster youth from being placed in forever homes, and taking a strong and supportive stance on marriage equality.

Please be sure to thank the President for issuing this historic proclamation and encourage him to take the steps necessary to protect our families by calling (202) 456-1414, emailing, or writing to the White House (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC 20500) today!


CDF said...

It’s been 30 years. We are long overdue for a solution! Please support re:solve AIDS and the Chronic Disease Fund.

Karen Huffman said...

What a clear and well-written summary of what appears to be Obamsa's true commitment LGBT's well-deserved rights! You rock! I've taught at a community college for many years, and I've noticed a rather dramatic change in my students' attitudes toward LGBT, as well as a significant reduction in overall prejudice. This change toward greater tolerance, along with beautifully written blogs like yours, makes me happy to be alive at this point in American history. Please keep up the good fight! One of your many #1 FANS! Karen Huffman

Anonymous said...

I would disagree that President Obama deserves to be thanked for what he's done for queer Americans so far in his presidency. In terms of economic stability, queer people (and immigrants, people of color, mothers, etc.) are still in a lot of need that remains neglected by the president.