Monday, June 27, 2011

Retired Methodist Minister, Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell, on Marriage Equality in New York

As a member of the board of PFLAG National, it is difficult to explain the joy that is mine now that now that New York State has legislated marriage equality. The love and courage that I have seen in the parents of lesbian, gay and transgender sons and daughters who are members of the board has been inspiring. I am a parent and a straight ally of LGBT rights in church and society. The human rights struggles of LGBTQ persons and couples cannot be separated from the struggles that were ours in the Civil Rights movement; I remember well my joy when signiicant legislation was passed in the journey to racial justice. 

And today, as an old "foot soldier" of the Civil Rights Movement who is African American, I rejoice in response to the passage of marriage equality in New York state.

Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell
Member of the National Board of PFLAG
A retired United Methodist Minister