Thursday, June 23, 2011

UMC Minister Amy DeLong Found Guilty

Photo credit: Stacy Bengs

Sad and frustrating news out of Kaukauna, WI, where UMC Minister Amy DeLong was found guilty of marrying a lesbian couple.

Yes, you read that correctly - a pastor was found guilty of performing a wedding ceremony. Is that really what it's come to now?

Of course, she was found not guilty of "being a self-avowed practicing homosexual." So at least there's that.

Read all the details in this article from the Associated Press: Associate Press/Amy DeLong

DeLong's website, Love on Trial, can be found by clicking here.

And if this whole thing is as upsetting to you as it is to us, please send your words of support to Amy DeLong by clicking here. Tell her you're a PFLAG member - or supporter - and that you support HER.  Loving words will go a long way.

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Wesley White said...

As a member of Rev. Amy's Witness Team, the result of the trial was a definite move forward. Though legislation remains on the books, it will much more difficult for the church to continue pretending that the letter of the current law is the only thing that counts.

The trial court decision was not a penalty, but an opportunity to lead the church in a discussion and process that it has avoided for many year. The divisions continue deep, but there is a definite movement toward new hope and new behavior.

Please rejoice with us that Amy continues to be valued and placed in a place to provide leadership for a very expansive and expanding appreciation of the wideness of G*D's Love.