Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Statement on Out!Wear, PFLAG National and Trans Inclusiveness

In reference to information posted by PFLAG members and supporters on Twitter, Facebook, and personal blogs (LiveJournal/Transgender and Handbasket Productions Blog), PFLAG National has issued the following statement

Liz Owen | Director of Communications |> | (202) 467-8180 ext. 214

PFLAG National first heard about Out!Wear late last night via our devoted members and followers on Twitter. Out!Wear is not a PFLAG National supplier and we were unaware that the company was offering merchandise with our outdated logo and out-of-date tagline on it.  PFLAG National is absolutely trans inclusive. All of our policy statements and materials reflect this inclusiveness and, in fact, PFLAG National was the first of the national LGBT organizations to commit to an inclusive-only legislative policy. 

PFLAG National has contacted the owners of Out!Wear and demanded that they immediately stop making and carrying merchandise with the PFLAG National logo on it, and remove all references to PFLAG from the Out!Wear website. If this request is not met quickly and completely, legal action will ensue. As always, we will take strong steps to ensure that PFLAG National continues its mission of support, education and advocacy for all LGBT people and their parents, families, friends and allies. 

We thank those members and supporters who quickly brought this situation to our attention – it is this passion that is at the heart of every PFLAG members’ work.



b. mo said...

Thank you for being trans-inclusive/trans-friendly, PFLAG, and contacting Out!Wear and writing this blog post. :D

b. mo said...

P.S. Could you please e-mail Out!Wear with a suggestion that they remove the anti-trans items, too (not just the PFLAG ones)? Thanks.

D J Capelis said...

<3! You guys are winners. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that they haven't actually been donating a portion of their proceeds as their website claims?

Quay Summer said...

Excellent response. Keep up the good work.

Joani said...

Thank You for your support. This means a lot to even older trans-persons like me. Knowing that someone truly has "got my back" is a wonderful thing.
Joani McBride, Gainesville, FL

Bex Cat-herder said...

Maria from OUT!wear has offered an apology. She has also pulled all WBW merchandise and given refunds to all who placed orders.

Thank you Maria!

Glenn said...

Well all I've got to say here is to hell with PFLAG for capitulating to the trans agenda. Perhaps you should change your name to PFGAT since all you've done is sell out to a group that oppresses women and lesbians has no problem using terror when they don't get their way.

637168d0-ae43-11e0-972a-000bcdcb471e said...

disgusting behavior PFLAG. thanks for selling out lesbians! this level of censorship and bullying is appalling. shame on you!

countershine said...

disgusting behavior 637168d0-ae43-11e0-972a-000bcdcb471e. thanks for selling out lesbians! this level of censorship and bullying is appalling. shame on you!

Oh, wait, you probably don't think that anyone male-assigned at birth is actually a lesbian. Because you're transphobic. But still, if this statement of PFLAG's is censorship and bullying toward Out!Wear, then your comment is censorship and bullying toward PFLAG.

JustmeKaren said...

Using terror to oppress women and lesbians? Given the history of things, I think someone is smoking his cornflakes...

womononajourney said...

I'm confused. By taking a stand for "trans inclusiveness" you are also taking a stand against the ONLY female-born festival specifically for lesbians. The fest policy is not about hate for tranwomen. By taking a stance for "trans inclusiveness" you are saying lesbians are worth pushing the boundaries of, in your eyes. Hence, the reason fest needed to establish boundaries in the first place.

Kait said...

Glenn, by calling this "terror", you've just automatically torpedoed your credibility on any and all issues, for the rest of your childish, ignorant, sheltered, bigoted life.

sparksnsmoke said...

Being pro WBW is not anti-trans. This should not be the debate.

sparksnsmoke said...

Asserting WBW pride is not anti trans. This should not be the debate.

amazondream said...

Oppressing WBW and their desires for independence and autonomy lays bare the fact that this is NOT a 'diverse' community that values 'inclusion' but rather one that enforces conformity to it's ideas at any cost. To call someone 'transphobic' for daring to be different just throws lesbians and gays under the bus of gender conformity.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the woman at OUTwear was threatened verbally and physically (including death threats) numerous times by individuals who believes her 100% WBW design was transphobic. In what world is that behavior considered inclusive?

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant to write individuals who believe

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