Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NC House Passes Anti-Marriage Amendment 75-42, Senate to Consider Measure Next Week

Yesterday, North Carolina’s House of Representatives voted overwhelming (75-42) for a bill that would make the State’s existing ban on same-sex marriage part of the constitution.  North Carolina is the only remaining southeastern state without a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. If the bill passes the state Senate, as it is expected to early next week, the proposed constitutional amendment will be put on North Carolina’s primary election ballots in May and voters will decide whether to adopt the amendment.

The wording of the proposed amendment is such that, if adopted, could ban not only same-sex marriage but civil unions and domestic partnerships as well. Needless to say, this action would make LGBT-headed families more vulnerable. More specifically, this kind of broad legislation would likely affect families’ access to healthcare, ability to take family leave, and ability to make health care decisions as well as many other aspects of families’ lives.

Should the Senate approve this legislation next week, North Carolina PFLAG chapters will work hard with their communities to fight this threat to our families by encouraging people to get out and vote in May, 2012. 

Take Action - If you live in North Carolina and are not registered to vote, please take a few moments and register to vote before April 1, 2012. Encourage others in your communities to register and vote as well!

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Marshall Brown said...

I would hope that someday there will be a federal ban against any and all forms of Anti-LGBTQ laws, including barbarous state laws that serve no other purpose but to foster attitudes of hatred and misunderstanding toward any person who appears to be, think or live differently than what is narrowly considered acceptable. Such is a huge waste of dwindling resources, ignores basic truths, is wholly unfair to those who also pay their fair share of taxes, and does absolutely nothing to increase understanding or make room for any differences. Such puritanical laws only support hatred and intolerance, even within families. Certain sects have been largely responsible for asking its members to stand in support of such hateful, non-accepting, anti-societal ideology. Such laws hurt everyone including even those who support them. Shall we continue to allow such intolerance, right here in the land of the free?