Friday, December 9, 2011

Policy Matters: A Year in Review

It’s hard to believe that this busy and productive year is finally coming to a close! Throughout the tumultuous ups and downs of these past twelve months, PFLAG National has covered dozens of important local, state, and federal headlines on the  blog series called “Policy Matters.”
Many of you already know that Policy Matters is a blog series  which summarizes the most recent breaking headlines on all things related to LGBT policy and answers questions from PFLAG members with in-depth answers. The National blog also includes breaking news, information on new PFLAG National events, and special interest articles, like this weekend’s post which reported on the discrimination facing an HIV-positive student in Pennsylvania.

Here are the top “Policy Matters” headlines for 2011:

January 11, 2011: President Obama Signs DADT Repeal

February 1, 2011: Veteran LGBT Advocate Appointed to U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

April 12, 2011: Secretary Sebelius Announces Important Health Improvements 

June 14, 2011: Illinois Begins Issuing Civil Union Licenses; Williams Institute Studies LGBT Employment Discrimination

June 28, 2011: NY Senate Passes Marriage Equality Bill; CA Prop. 8 Ruling Upheld

July 11, 2011: Federal Health Survey to Cover Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity; CA LGBT History Bill Passed

July 26, 2011: LGBT Hate Crime Increases; Obama Supports Respect for Marriage Act

September 19, 2011: Transgender Woman Attacked in McDonalds; NCAA Adopts New Transgender Athlete Policy

October 4, 2011: Social Security Ends Gender “No-Match” Letters; Revised “Standards of Care” for Transgender Individuals

October 28, 2011: SLDN to Sue Over Military Benefits for Spouses of Gay Troops; No Child Left Behind Act and Anti-Bullying Language

November 15, 2011: Medical Schools Admit Neglect on LGBT Health Issues; New Campaign Strategy for Marriage Equality

December 1, 2011: Gender Identity Bill Signed in Massachusetts; Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act Re-Introduced to Congress

Wondering what else happened in 2011? Curious about what the headlines were in June 2009? PFLAG National’s blog archives every post that has been written since it began in 2008! Readers can browse through the blog archive by month or year and catch up on the most important LGBT news.

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Thank you for moving equality forward!

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vinman said...

Showing discrimination against HIV positive people is highly condemnable. People should be educated to eradicate this evil approach of the society.