Tuesday, April 17, 2012

North Carolina: Vote NO on Amendment One on May 8th

Last month, President Obama made it clear that he opposes Amendment One. The President’s leadership on this issue further demonstrates the growing number of state and community leaders, along with average constituents, who recognize the alarming harms Amendment One would pose to children, families and single women throughout North Carolina.

We were also encouraged by announcements from both the North Carolina Libertarian Party and Governor Bev Perdue who underscored the bi-partisan nature of the opposition to the amendment by expressing their strong desire to see the amendment defeated.

The Governor said, “Would you ever have thought that North Carolina in 2012 would be focused on something as bad for our economy as the amendment? … I’ll do everything I can to defeat it.”

Take Action Today!

As early voting begins on April 19, leading up to the May 8 primary election, we must continue to work tirelessly to defeat this far-reaching constitutional rewrite, protect ALL NC families, and keep our state on the right side of history.

We have fact sheets, yard signs, Facebook and Twitter icons and more, all available online at Protect All NC Families’ website. What’s needed the most—right now—is to make your voices heard throughout North Carolina every single day between now and Election Day.

If you live in North Carolina, please take action today by doing at least one of the following between NOW and Tuesday, May 8:
  • Pledge to Vote No. If you live and vote in North Carolina, pledge to vote no to Amendment One on May 8th – it’s the first step to defeating this amendment.
  • Get out the Vote (GOTV). It’s important to encourage community members to begin voting early on April 19, 2012 – keep encouraging people to vote between this time and May 8th.
  • Educate Communities across the state to VOTE AGAINST the amendment. PFLAG memberscan help educate their neighbors, friends, work colleagues, and fellow parishioners to VOTE AGAINST the ballot measure by talking about the harms it poses to our families and loved ones.
  • Forward this message to five of your friends and encourage them to VOTE NO. Commit to forwarding this message to five of your friends who may not be informed about the harms this proposed amendment would have on your loved ones and you.

Thank you for moving equality forward for ALL families living in North Carolina!

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