Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recognizing Leadership: Congratulations Jean -Marie!

PFLAG National is proud to partner with many of the corporations leading the way when it comes to diversity, inclusion, and creating GLBT friendly environments for our friends and family. These companies know that workplaces that celebrate diversity are able to recruit and retain top-level talent, are typically more productive, and that an inclusive workplace culture ultimately improves the bottom line. The Straight for Equality project has allowed PFLAG to work with more than 60 companies, organizations, and government agencies over the past five years as they move equality forward for not only their employees but also their customers.

This year we are so excited to announce that Jean-Marie Navetta, Director of Equality and Diversity Partnerships here at PFLAG National, has just been announced as finalist for The Trailblazer Award, which will be presented at this year’s Out and Equal Workplace Summit. The ‘Outie’ Awards are meant to honor individuals and organizations that demonstrate true leadership, innovation, and success in promoting workplace equality. This year she faces some really tough competition and we wish her the best of luck.
Jean-Marie was nominated because of her dedication to the mission of PFLAG and the Straight for Equality project, amongst other things. Since the launch of the Straight for equality project, Jean-Marie has played in integral part in writing each of its staple publications as well as supplemental materials, has helped to develop the Straight for Equality Gala which will celebrate its 5th anniversary this year, and has developed and provided a series of trainings that are designed to invite, educate, and engage straight allies in the movement for equality.

The Out and Equal Workplace Advocates Annual Summit is a one of a kind event for anyone interested in promoting equality in the workplace. It provides an opportunity to showcase those companies working day in and day out to not only change policies but to also create real culture change that not only accepts but celebrates our loved ones. Each year it brings together human resources professionals, diversity and inclusion practitioners, employee resource group members and leaders, and others for multiple days of events, workshops, and networking opportunities. If you are interested in learning more or in registering to attend this year’s summit in Baltimore, MD please check out the summit website:

Let us take this opportunity to congratulate Jean-Marie for this honor and to thank her for all that she has given to our organization. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

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