Friday, September 28, 2012

DC Launches America’s First Transgender Respect Ad Campaign

Last week the Washington, DC Office of Human Rights unveiled its Transgender Respect Ad Campaign, which will be featured on public transportation buses and vehicles around the city. The ads feature gender non-conforming DC residents, and implore the population of DC to create a culture of respect and appreciation. Each ad, after noting several of the locally based interests of the individual, such as shopping on H street, or playing basketball with friends, ends with the same sentiment—“Treat me the way any person would want to be treated: with courtesy and respect.” 
 The ads are meant to increase awareness throughout the city and share that discrimination based on gender identity or expression is illegal in the city of DC. Along with depicting strong gender non-conforming individuals and calling for a culture of respect, the ads also provide a phone number and website for any DC resident who wants more information or has experienced discrimination.

You can learn more about the DC Transgender and Gender Identity Respect Campaign by visiting their website at or by following on twitter at #transrespect.