Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Marriage Equality at the Ballot: Take action to change hearts and minds!

We are at a watershed moment in the freedom to marry. This November, marriage for same-sex couples is on the ballot in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington. This means that, for the first time ever, we have the opportunity to win marriage at the ballot, sending a message to everyone that love is love, and family is family.

PFLAGers in those four states--36 chapters in all--are mobilized, energized, and working hard to support these campaigns. And not surprisingly, as is always the PFLAG way, many of you from our other 332 chapters and all of our supporters around the country are asking, “What can I do and how can I help?”  

Now is the time to take action! Between now and November, PFLAG is joining with the United for Marriage coalition to mobilize, creating a simple process for individual PFLAGers and chapters to organize. With Election Day around the corner - and the proven effectiveness of the PFLAG voice to change hearts and minds - you can support the effort in these four states to get election results on the right side of history.


MAKE CALLS! The United for Marriage staff will connect you to a state campaign so you and your group can make phone calls from where you are through virtual phone banks.

TRAVEL!  United for Marriage will help you plan a Volunteer Vacation to one of the four states or a Drive for Marriage weekend road trip to a state near you. Volunteer vacationers travel to Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, or Washington, where they receive a full orientation and training, and then work with a dedicated team on the marriage equality campaign. United for Marriage will work with you and your group to find free housing, and will help you make your travel arrangements and are also working to match people with need with donated airline miles.

Do you live in one of the ballot measure states? You can help by offering to house Volunteer Vacationers! 

DONATE AIRLINE MILES! United for Marriage will help you, your fellow chapter members, and your community supporters donate frequent flyer miles so Volunteer Vacationers can fly to a ballot state for a week…or longer.

This is a pivotal moment in the movement to win the freedom to marry for all loving and committed couples…and our chance to send a strong message that all couples should be able to make a loving and legal commitment to each other and their children.   

Join other PFLAGers: take action now and help all our families win on Election Day.

Thank you for taking action today!


Monty Pennington said...

I really do think that marriage is very sacred and it's something worth fighting for. I remember a wedding that i have attended, i had a chat with the bride's aunt and she tells me that it was full of twists and turns before they finally tied the knot. Thier story moved me and i could not help notice how stunning the bride was. Her aunt also told me that she got her wedding accessories picked by her mother and she was so happy. I love weddings.

Damon Tolles said...

Weddings are very special to me, they mark the start of a new life together, and with these moments there should also be a wedding photographer in brisbane to capture the moment on film, to make it least a lifetime.

Tim Arellano said...

We know how sacred weddings are, but we also know that two people decide to get married because of one thing: love (at least for the majority of us). Never mind the struggles while preparing for the wedding: checking dress stores on long island, getting contacts from the caterers, and inviting the bunch of your loved ones to witness your precious day. Let's keep on helping advocacy like this one, make love not war.

jack said...

I have seen a situation too. everything was so perfect in that wedding. Wedding venue was looking so beautiful. Suddenly someone had a fight with the friend of groom. he was bride's brother. bride and groom also got into fight but in the end everything became normal.

Piper Donnovan said...

Weddings are incredibly precious to a lot of people. Wedding coordinators always pull off great feats, as weddings are very volatile, if plans aren’t made with utmost foresight. One mishap could just ruin it.

Ellie Abdullah said...

Weddings are sacred and should not be taken for granted. The moment a man puts that engagement ring into a woman's finger means he's ready to spend his life with her. And all the stress in the wedding preparation comes next. If they would let one mistake ruin the whole marriage, then they're just letting all those sacrifices and efforts go to waste. And aside from the wasted efforts, they'll just throw away a huge part of their lives that will scar them forever.

Scarlett Pither said...

Marriage is sacred, and it doesn't matter what your history is, as long as you truly love each other. It doesn't matter if you've only met online or through awkward ways - there are no laws against that, and nobody can dictate what you should feel about a person.

David Stopford said...

I'm in favor of this freedom to marry as long as the couple loves each other. It's not about the diamond rings, jewelry, houses or cars we can give our partner; it's about caring and passion for that someone. I believe that's the point everyone's conveying here.

Ryan Black said...

That's right! Love is love and family is family, its one driving force in life that keeps us living. I bid you good luck in your endeavors cause I know that your beliefs are of good purpose.

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