Friday, November 23, 2012

Just in time for Thanksgiving...announcing our December Ally of the Month!

When we put out the call for Ally of the Month submissions back in October, we were thrilled to get so many responses! Sadly, for so many reasons, Superstorm Sandy delayed our announcement a bit. But we are pleased to make our announcement for December just in time to give thanks for this wonderful ally...Jami Patterson!

Read her submission below - and then plan to send us your own submission next month. You might just see YOUR story here as our first ally of the month in the new year!
December Ally of the Month
Jami Patterson
I am a straight married woman who, frankly, loves all people unconditionally and I truly do not see the difference in anyone. Most certainly not for who we love. I have three children, two are teenagers. The world I want to show them is one of love and respect for all of God's creations. I teach them to be vocal advocates against bullying, and share their special uniqueness with the world, and embrace that in others.

When I decided to become a Life Coach I chose to focus my business on the LGBT community, because of a young man that was staying with us. His time with my family was a game changer for me. I have now embarked on a journey to reach parents of gay children to help them listen and understand their children. I also reach out to adult children tto repair any damage that may have been caused by not being accepted as a child.

As for the young man I spoke of, I stood by his side as he married the man of his dreams and  he can now see his own beauty. I began volunteering at the Triangle Community Center in Norwalk, CT and quickly became the  Vice President of the Board.  I spend a portion of every day working on projects for TCC and creating awareness for equality and unconditional love for ALL!


Sami Jo said...

Hi! I am working with Out & Equal on the release of their book Out & Equal at Work: From Closet to Corner Office. This is a wonderful collection of stories from 36 LGBT executives, and I wanted to get in touch and see if this may be something you might be interested in reviewing on the PFLAG blog? I'd love to send you more information and discuss.

Might you e-mail me?

Thanks so much!

Coco Ada said...

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