Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stop Equality From Going Over the Fiscal Cliff!

Just hours ago, PFLAGers participated in two landmark meetings with the White House - in person and via conference call – to celebrate our work in advancing equality, to engage us on future priorities, and to be educated about what is at stake in the much-discussed “Fiscal Cliff” and how it would personally affect our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) loved ones.

Why PFLAG? Because for 40 years, we have been changing hearts and minds with our simple mission of advancing equality through support, education and advocacy.  We are a diverse coalition across all fifty states and our passion for equality is the same regardless of who is in the White House and who is representing us in Congress.
PFLAG has always used its unique family and ally voice to find the common ground across political, religious, and economic lines. And it is that ability - to reach out to the hearts and minds of fellow Americans - that puts PFLAGers in a distinctive and important position.

NOW…we need YOUR HELP to make sure we don’t
lose important advances in equality due to lack of funding.

What is at stake for our LGBT loved ones? Budget cuts that would:

…weaken the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s ability to investigate claims of discrimination against gay and transgender workers…

…limit suicide prevention services to LGBT people…

…limit the government’s ability to combat LGBT bullying in schools…

…curtail efforts to curb substance abuse among the gay and transgender population…

…and limit resources available to investigate, prosecute, and prevent hate crimes.

What we also know - and fear - is that budget cuts will provide an easy excuse for municipalities, educators, and others who are resistant to the progress we have made, to stop our forward momentum.

The time has come to reach out to our elected officials and tell them to ensure that these advancements in equality are not thrown off the fiscal cliff, that they need to be our allies in moving equality forwards…not backwards!

Here’s how you can help:

  • Share your VOICE. Send a personalized action alert to your elected officials, sharing YOUR personal story of how these budget cuts and tax increases could affect your families and the progress that has been made.
  • Leverage your VOICE. Share your concerns with friends, neighbors—and even strangers! - by using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

    Sample Facebook Update
    PFLAG advances equality and finds common ground. We expect the same from our elected officials. Do not let the advancements in equality that we have made for our loved ones go over the fiscal cliff with cuts that will stop the progress.

    Sample Twitter Updates
    @PFLAG urges #Congress not to let #LGBT protections go off the #fiscalcliff.

    Where will I spend #My2K? Supporting @PFLAG for the wellbeing of my #LGBT loved ones! 
This is a crucial time for equality in our country…don’t let these important advances go over the cliff.
Make your voice heard now!

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