Friday, February 1, 2013

Tell the Boy Scouts That The Time For Discrimination Is OVER!

We need PFLAG members and supporters to weigh in and point out the obvious to the Boy Scouts of America: all kids who want to participate in Boy Scouts should be able to.

Show strong values and strong leadership by letting ALL kids become scouts!
Inclusive Scouting Shows
TRUE Character and Leadership!
Earlier this week, the BSA shared that they were considering a policy change. What seemed like a sea change made barely a ripple in the waters of equality for young LGBT youth, however, as the current “No Gays” national policy would instead be a “Gays, But Only If You Want Them In Your Troop” policy. 

Of course, it didn’t take long for the people who hate our kids simply for being who they are to weigh in. The Family Research Council says that “…homosexual activists will not be satisfied until religion and morality are bygones of the Scouting era…” while Americans for Truth About Homosexuality says “…parents do NOT want sexually-confused (openly ‘gay”) boys spreading the message of “out and proud” homosexuality in their son’s troop.” And American Family Association’s Buster Wilson attempted to disguise his two cents as genuine concern, wondering, “…what could happen when you place a gay kid in a group of straight kids in a closed environment such as Scouting: is there not an increased worry of bullying and rejection?” Buster, if you’re that concerned, how about sending a message to the bullies that their behavior won’t be tolerated?

It is easy to dismiss the absurdity of these statements, but we must counter them and have the PFLAG voice heard!

If this policy change goes forward, there will be Boy Scout troops all over the country whose leaders will adopt inclusive nondiscrimination measurements, living up to the BSA values of loyalty, helpfulness, friendliness, courteousness, and kindness; we commend those leaders.

Sadly, however, there will also be troop that will decide to keep this discriminatory and hurtful policy in place…which means that countless boys—not to mention gay parents—will not have the opportunity to participate in the scouts. These kids and their parents will be told once again that they are still not welcome – but this time it will be worse, because rather than that decision coming down from a faceless, nameless Board of Directors, it will come from the people in their own communities: their schools, their churches, their sports clubs; yes, this will be a community affirmation that who they are is not good enough. And not welcome.

So contact the Boy Scouts of America now and tell them that our kids uphold the same values that every scout pledges to uphold – don’t exclude children from a valuable experience because of who they are; it goes against everything scouting is supposed to stand for.

Make your voice heard! Because here at PFLAG, we look out for all kids, not just our own!

Contact The Boy Scouts of America:

By Phone: (972) 580-2000