Thursday, May 23, 2013

PFLAG National Statement on the Boy Scouts Of America New "Inclusive" Scouting Policy

PFLAG National has issued the following statement regarding today’s vote which has officially changed the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) policy and will now allow openly gay youth to become Boy Scouts:

PFLAG National believes that, while the BSA has today taken a step in the right direction, the new policy is still, at its heart, discriminatory against our gay and lesbian loved ones.
Inclusion, by its very nature, cannot be selective: either you are a welcoming organization or you are not. In going halfway with this policy, the BSA suggests that their members are only capable of being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, courteous and kind until their 18th birthdays. Once taught, do these traits diminish or disappear once a child comes of age? Shouldn’t being a scout serve as the best training to then lead other scouts in the future? And for same-sex parents who want to participate as leaders in their children’s troops, should the message be that their commitment to their child’s scouting activities is suspect?
At PFLAG National, we are troubled by the message this sends to ALL youth and adults about what it means to be a truly inclusive organization. We hope that the BSA will quickly realize that the organization is still on the wrong side of history, and take the necessary step to do the right thing by ALL of its members, denying no person membership or a position in the scouts based solely on their sexual orientation.


Annette said...

I am so glad you posted this! I feel the same way. I feel that the only reason the Boy Scouts are allowing gay boys into the Scouts is because they don't want to lose funding. The BSA is still sending a terrible message of discrimination. A while ago I began a petition urging the United Way of Central Indiana to stop their funding of the BSA until gay boys could join, and that gay and lesbian adults could be leaders. I guess I'll have to keep the petition going.

Randall Haas said...

Color me this; gay adults cannot be BSA leaders, but heterosexual pedophiles, CAN!!! What color is the sun in your world, BSA??

Anonymous said...

Randall - you are full of crap. If someone has known history of pedophilia, they would be prohibited from being a leader. Don't ask don't tell applies here...if no one knows, then no one can do anything about it...pedophile, gay person, closet cross dresser, whatever. If someone is OPEN about their preferences, then this organization has the right to prohibit whomever they want from taking a leadership role within IT's walls. Don't like it? Start your own friggin' organization. So sick of this discussion.

Anonymous said...

Would you want a GROWN MAN taking a bunch of young impressionable girl scouts, one of whom might be your daughter, camping in the woods?

Is it not fair then to say you wouldn't want a GROWN MAN who is attracted to the opposite sex taking a bunch of young impressionable boy scouts, one of whom might be your son, camping in the woods?

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