Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The PFLAGXpress continues its journey...

From San Francisco to Washington DC...

Monday, October 21st
The #PFLAGXpress is closing in on Chicago! At Otummwa, Iowa. Experienced one sour look in response to PFLAG at breakfast, though no open confrontation.

The #PFLAGxpress is now in Central Illinois! We're coming up to Chicago soon and then just one more day until Washington, DC for the PFLAG National Conference!

Monday, October 22nd
The #PFLAGxpress is in America's heartland! We made it to Chicago and here we are at Union Station. We're 2,130 away from our home back in San Francisco (so far) and each mile traveled has been beautiful. 

We've spoken to some great people and we still have another day's trek to go until Washington, DC! America: we salute you.

We can't wait to hear about the conversations you had as you made your way across the country to join us in DC for the National Convention. #1Voice13!